About Us

When I see Sean a smile crosses my face, when I kiss Sean I still get butterflies in my stomach. I am madly in love with my husband and cherish every day we have. I don't know how I got to be so lucky! We met in high school, had classes together, same friends, but were never friends (and I had a huge crush on him). We met again 9 years later on the street (if it wasn't for me confessing my teen crush to him he would have never talked to me, he didn't approach girls), started dating and were married on June 9th 2007. Talk about the worlds greatest pick up line...Sean is back in school, and I am working for a marketing organization doing life and annuity marketing and operations. Life is treating us very well!


New baby

We brought home our new baby. She is adorable, we call her Cleo.

Yes we got a dog! I know I always say I am not a dog person, but her story is just remarkable. She escaped and ran forever until some friends found her. She still has cuts above her eye from being bitten and attacked. She deserves more of a  chance than the mean people that were using her to train their dogs.

She is so sweet. Rarely barks, and is already starting to learn the basics. We think she is a lab/pit, regardless she is so stinking cute. She is about 3 months old, so still just a tiny pup. I guess not that tiny, as she is about the size of a cocker. 

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