About Us

When I see Sean a smile crosses my face, when I kiss Sean I still get butterflies in my stomach. I am madly in love with my husband and cherish every day we have. I don't know how I got to be so lucky! We met in high school, had classes together, same friends, but were never friends (and I had a huge crush on him). We met again 9 years later on the street (if it wasn't for me confessing my teen crush to him he would have never talked to me, he didn't approach girls), started dating and were married on June 9th 2007. Talk about the worlds greatest pick up line...Sean is back in school, and I am working for a marketing organization doing life and annuity marketing and operations. Life is treating us very well!


Stenciled backsplash

I was tired of my kitchen. It is still a huge work in progress but the stenciled backsplash makes me love it SO much more!

This seriously took FOREVER! But it turned out awesome!



It only took us a year to paint every square inch of this house! There is not a speck of red to be found on a wall. I am in love with how it is coming along. It is so much more relaxing now!
I would have to say this is my most favorite change. I love the stripes, and they make the hallway visually interesting. Most of this crap is already on Instagram, but I haven't posted in about a hundred years, so I thought I would post. 

When I get more pictures on my computer I will post some other updates I have done. 


New baby

We brought home our new baby. She is adorable, we call her Cleo.

Yes we got a dog! I know I always say I am not a dog person, but her story is just remarkable. She escaped and ran forever until some friends found her. She still has cuts above her eye from being bitten and attacked. She deserves more of a  chance than the mean people that were using her to train their dogs.

She is so sweet. Rarely barks, and is already starting to learn the basics. We think she is a lab/pit, regardless she is so stinking cute. She is about 3 months old, so still just a tiny pup. I guess not that tiny, as she is about the size of a cocker. 


It is the little things we accomplish on the house that make me smile. Like my new welcome mat. I love it.


I have been in Arizona for a week now. We am slowly getting settled. We are loving being in AZ. Sean was just telling me yesterday how happy he is to be back in AZ. He really did miss this place, I love the heat! And my pool of course. It is so nice to have a pool I can go jump in whenever I want.  I don't have to worry about other people using it, or peeing in it. It is grand!

We finally moved in our big furniture! We now have a living room, family room, and maser bedroom! There is still quite a bit to do, but it is coming along. Most of the painting is even done. I am trying to tackle a few boxes at a time. I need to not devote so much time to fixing up the house. I need to spend more time on me (i.e. working out)!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures. Sean joined a softball league, maybe I will get some pictures tonight at his game. And then maybe I will take some of the house. There is not one thing hung on a single wall yet. Baby steps, baby steps.


Almost moving time...for me!

I was able to go back out to Phoenix over the weekend. It was wonderful! only 3 more weeks until I get to move there and be with my husband!

I was so proud of myself for spotting our neighborhood from 20,000 feet in the air. It is in the middle-ish of the picture
Great view!
We (I) had a few goals (requirements) of what needed to get done over the weekend. Happy to report I completed more than I had originally said I wanted to get done! 

First was the office, Sean helped me with that. I doubt I would have gotten it done without his help! My children will never ever have those dumb little plastic glow in the dark stars that you stick to your ceiling. If they want stars, I will stencil them on there. Those buggers had us both cussing! 
Mid paint and removal of sticky star crap.
The office all painted and pretty
Second was the big red wall that started downstairs and went upstairs. I did that wall while Sean was at work on Monday. In my defense that house has red paint in nearly every room! the only room without red paint, 2 bedrooms and the dining room! The other 3 bedrooms, living, kitchen and family room all have red! I HATE IT!
My feelings towards red paint in my house
The red wall all gone!
Last I wanted to get the downstairs bathroom up and running (looking like an actual bathroom). It looks great. I want to put some floating shelves above the toilet. Other than some decorations, it looks like a bathroom!
My lovely towels!



We are slowly making progress on our new house. Sean started working and I am still technically in UT, so progress has gotten VERY slow!

I was out there over the weekend, so I was able to get quite a bit done. I got the kitchen all unpacked and the pantries painted and cleaned. I wouldn't let Sean put food in the pantries until I cleaned and painted them (they were disgusting)

The kitchen mostly done. We still have work to do, but that will have to wait (new counters, new stove, paint the cabinets etc.)
The hallway all painted pretty. Looking from the spare room into the living room. Now if we could just get rid of that horrid carpet!
A pretty view of our pool all cleaned and ready for swimmers!
Our front yard clear of all the weeds and ugly plants, pretty new ones in their place! Thank you landscapers!
Another view of our awesome backyard, and our new patio set.
Our new front door locks. Do you know how much better I sleep at night now knowing that complete strangers do not have keys to my house!
And because I am obsessed with these towels, I thought I would share with you the awesome new towels I purchased for our guest bathroom! Once the bathroom is complete, I will show you the pictures!